Have an idea for a custom piece of jewelry? Let's talk!
What to know before reaching out:
  • Have a general idea of what you are looking for - (Ex: type of metal, if it will include stones, and reference photos if applicable).

  • If ordering a ring, please confidently know the ring size! This saves us both a lot of time and effort. (Finding your ring size can be done at home, but the easiest way is to drop into a local jewelry store and ask to be sized).

  • Custom orders may require wait time depending on the amount of orders I have and other factors. If you have a time frame in mind for your piece, please include that in your message.

  • The only metals I work with currently are Sterling Silver and Brass. Stones will be sourced to the best of my ability. The price I give you after discussing your custom piece includes the metals, stones, design, tools, time, and effort. Please keep an open mind and respect the slow and beautiful craft of true handmade jewelry.