Hi! I'm Liza, the creator behind Saturate. I live in the valley of Utah, where my partner eagerly awaits fresh powder and snow-capped mountains, while I soak up the golden summer sun each day that it comes up. It is the best of both worlds here at home.
My passion for jewelry making began before college, as only a hobby. After I earned my associate degree, I up and moved to Manhattan for a several month long comprehensive jewelry training, and the experience of a lifetime. Making jewelry is now my biggest passion, and delightedly, also my job.
I have started up my business with a humble workshop in my garage, where I can be found most hours of the day. I work hard to show authenticity behind each of the pieces that I create. Not one piece is just like the other, granting each with a unique, handcrafted charm.
It is my hope that each piece that is created by my hands is purposefully individual, lasting, and incredibly saturated in light and love.
 My jewelry is available to shop locally in Downtown Salt Lake City! Details can be found at the bottom of the Home page or on my Instagram.
Learn more about me by reading "Interview with Liza from Saturate":