Hi! I'm Liza, the one-woman show behind Saturate.
My passion for jewelry making began in my teen years, and later pushed me to attend Studio Jeweler's Ltd. in NYC in 2019.
In 2020, I began working as a bench jeweler in Salt Lake City, Utah. With what I learned, I started Saturate out of my garage.
I now work from my at-home studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. In this beautiful landscape, inspiration comes naturally, right outside my front door.
 As a small business, I work hard to show the authenticity behind each of my pieces by working only with traditional methods, raw materials and my own two hands. This is not the easy route, but I stay true to myself and to my craft by taking it. Not one piece is exactly like the other, granting each with a unique and handcrafted charm.
It is my hope that each piece I create is purposefully individual, lasting, and saturated in light and love.